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“Our Investment bank is actively using the blockchain technology in its work.”

                                      —Jamie Dimon

The DeFi community is a decentralized investment fund that provides investment opportunities for everybody through DeFi. It has been designed specifically for hard hitters who are bullish on Digital Assets/DeFi Projects and it is powered by blockchain technology. The community is powered by blockchain technology and members are managed through a custom enterprise platform that has been built upon the Quorum blockchain (developed by JP Morgan). Quorum is a private blockchain which acts as the brain of the DeFi community. It allows for privacy and permissioning which makes it possible for financial details to be kept confidential and shared only between the authorised parties in a transaction.

Community members participate in the fund by purchasing our governance tokens directly or indirectly through institutional community members.

The DeFi community is designed to have all the benefits of traditional financial institutions (CeFi) while eliminating its limitations. One major limitation of CeFi which the DeFi community efficiently overcomes is investor access to global investment opportunities regardless of location or net worth. The biggest beneficiaries of the DeFi community have been individuals, private businesses and private institutional investors. These have been our biggest beneficiaries as Private sector businesses who already own half of the global economy can easily get much needed investment from anywhere in the world without having to go public. Also, Investors from anywhere in the world can easily get access to global deal flow, live deals and passive income opportunities.

Decentralized investment funds which are powered by DeFi are the future of the financial industry and it is already here as the required technology has been sufficiently developed. However, most Investment Funds are still centralized because it is the easiest way to proceed, and it is either too costly or technically complex to build fully decentralized investment platforms. Sadly, this robs investors and potential investees of opportunities for growth.

To achieve a robust and decentralized investment fund, some of the biggest players in CeFi (Traditional Financial institutions) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) decided to come together in 2018 and form a truly global investment fund. The DeFi community was formed based on the principle that anybody can be an investor or an investee regardless of location or net worth. DeFi not only makes this possible but also makes financial instruments more profitable as there are no third party financial service fees.