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Climate Tech Fund

Accelerating Climate Action through DeFi

The DeFi climate tech fund focuses on empowering global innovative programs, sustainable brands, transformations in clean technology and creating investment opportunities for economic development through the use of reliable capital (from community members and external donors) to meet and exceed national climate, clean energy and sustainability goals, customized to the needs of each country.

DeFi climate tech fund drive down technology costs, stimulate private sector participation, and catalyse transformative change that can be replicated elsewhere. Over 35% of total endorsed funding goes to private sector projects and programmes, and over one third of total co-financing is from the private sector.

We provide institutions, non-governmental organizations, and high-net-worth individuals interested in making global impact quick access to deal flows. We pilot and invest in mid-stage companies that are impact focused.

If you have any questions or would like to invest, discuss our climate fund, markets, funding size and our offerings please contact



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July 2018




Accredited Impact Investors


Quarterly, upon 365 days’ notice